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Capital Projects & Plans
Financing Options for Sanitary Sewer Work
On August 12, 2014, the Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2014-684  to provide $5,580,000 in financing for street lighting upgrades and sanitary sewer work. 

At the Work Session on June 3, 2014, Township staff presented updated financial numbers and a recommended rate structure for sanitary sewer customers. In order to fund a borrowing of $5,580,000 the Township would be required to raise sanitary sewer rates to provide for the increased debt service.

To view the presentation, please click here

West Norriton Township's financial advisor, Concord Public Financial Advisors, provided an overview of the township's current debt service obligations and a plan of finance for sewer system capital improvements at the May 6, 2014 Work Session

The presentation was broken down into two sections:
  • LED Streetlight Energy Savings Project and Project Savings Analysis
  • Sewer System Capital Improvements Plan of Finance

To view the presentation, please click here

Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Plan
On October 9, 2012, the Board of Commissioners approved Rettew Project No. 057702004 to develop a comprehensive sanitary sewer plan to include the following:
  • Inflow and infiltration (I&I) abatement program based on an eight (8) year schedule for the remediation of I&I into the sanitary sewer system;
  • Upgrading and rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system to handle all current and future flows;
  • Upgrading and rehabilitation to the existing pumping stations.

Rettew has prepared the rehabilitation plans utilizing current Chapter 94 flow data and flow data from the flow meters installed within the sanitary sewer system.

To view the completed Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Plan, click here

To view the presentation from the March 11, 2014 Board of Commissioners Meeting regarding the Inflow & Infiltration Study and the Rittenhouse Pump Station, click here