West Norriton Township
 Work Session Agenda 
 October 3, 2023 @ 7:00 PM


Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance


Presentation of MS-4 Annual Report by Jennifer Orr-Greene of Cedarville Engineering


Presentation by EAC on Bird Town Pennsylvania

Home - Bird Town Pennsylvania (birdtownpa.org)

Bird Town Pennsylvania works in partnership with local municipalities and like-minded organizations to promote community-based conservation actions to create a healthier, more sustainable environment for birds, wildlife, and people.


Discussion/Update on Status


Proposed Hookah Lounge Ordinance

  • Motion to Advertise November 14th Regular Meeting
  • Township Planning Commission review October 16th. 
  • Submitted for Act 247 Review to Montgomery County Planning Commission

Salt Bid Pricing


Police Officer and Firefighter of the Year


Swearing in of Sergeant Nathan Landes


FY 2024 Budgets

  • Status and Time Frame for Presentation
    • Introduction of Proposed FY 2024 Budget schedule for November 8th 

Appointment to Human Relations Commission (HRC)


Manager's Items


Consider adopting Resolution #23-1710 Adopting Initiatives to be Recognized as a PA Audubon Council Bird Town


Motion to Ratify West Norriton Township's Letter of Support for the Clean Communities Investment Partnership (CCIP) Grant Application

Enterprise Community Partners, Rewiring America, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, United Way Worldwide, and Habitat for Humanity are partnering to form a coalition—the Clean Communities Investment Partnership (CCIP)—to submit an application for up to $14 billion in National Clean Investment Fund (NCIF) funding for affordable housing electrification.

Our joint mission is to transform the housing market, save households money, reinvest in communities and tackle the climate crisis. Our approach is centered around four strategies: 

  1. Reduce friction by simplifying the process and experience of home electrification; 
  2. Aggregate consumer demand by creating market leverage and momentum;  
  3. Create financial solutions for every housing type and circumstance that will unlock economic and health benefits for everyone; and
  4. Invest in equity by creating workforce development and wealth-building opportunities for community businesses and members. 

Consider adopting Resolution #23-1711 Authorizing Execution of Cable Franchise Agreement between Township and Comcast of SE PA


Commissioner Liaison Committee Reports


Public Comment

  1. Recognize individuals that are taxpayers or residents of West Norriton Township wishing to offer comment.
  2. Require the name and address of such persons wishing to comment.
  3. Permit each individual at minimum one (1) opportunity to speak.  The President may require an individual who has already spoken to wait until all others wishing to speak have had the opportunity before permitting an additional opportunity to speak.  Once all others have had the opportunity to speak, the President shall determine whether time would allow for additional comment from the individual wishing to speak.  Such a determination shall be based solely on the factor of time and shall not be based on the content or viewpoint of the particular individual(s) seeking additional opportunity to speak.
  4. Provide for a five (5) minute maximum for each individual to offer public comment.  There shall be no ceding or assigning of time.  In no case shall a time limit of fewer than two (2) minutes be designated.  It may be requested that a spokesperson from a group address the Board of Commissioners.
  5. Preserve order by prohibiting disruptive conduct including, but not limited to, speaking by any person who is not, at that time, taking part in public comment.
To submit written Public Comment to the Board, please click here

New Business


Meeting Dates

      A.     Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) - October 4th @ 7:00 PM;

     B.     Recreation Committee - October 11th @ 7:00 PM; 

     C.     Planning Commission (PC) - October 16th @ 7:00 PM; 

     D.     Arts & Culture Commission - October 18th @ 6:30 PM

     E.     Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) - October 19th; and

     F.     Human Relations Commission (HRC) - October 26th @ 7:00 PM