How do I calculate my real estate tax?
The total amount in real estate taxes you pay is based on the assessed value of the taxable real estate you own and the tax millage rate applied to the property by the county, township, and school district. To calculate your tax, divide the assessed value of land and buildings by 1000 and multiply this number by the millage rate.

For example, assuming a residential home in the township has a property with an assessed value of $215,500:
  • Divide this assessed value by 1000, which equates to $215.50

  • Multiply this figure by the millage rate to determine your the real estate tax

  • In this example, the Township's Property Tax rate for the year 2015 is 3.530 mills
  • Based on the formula above, the annual real estate tax due to the Township at 3.530 mills equals $756.45 (or 215.50 x 3.530)

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1. How do I calculate my real estate tax?
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