Flood Plain Management


The purpose of these provisions is firstly to prevent the loss of property and life. Additionally, these provisions pertain to the creation of health and safety hazards, the disruption of commerce and governmental services, the extraordinary and unnecessary expenditure of public funds to flood protection and relief, and the impairment of the tax base. These provisions accomplish this by:

  • Regulating uses, activities, and development, that (acting alone or in combination with other existing or future uses, activities, and development) would otherwise cause unacceptable increases in flood heights, velocities, and frequencies
  • Restricting or prohibiting certain uses, activities, and development from locating within areas subject to flooding
  • Requiring all those uses, activities, and developments that do occur in flood-prone areas to be protected and/or flood-proofed against flooding and flood damage
  • Protecting individuals from buying lands and structures which are unsuited for the intended purpose(s) because of flood hazards

For additional information, please refer to the Township Code Of Ordinances.

For mapping information, please refer to the FEMA Map Service Center.

No Rise Floodway Guidance