Support Staff


The support staff consists of one part-time administrative assistant, two full-time administrative assistants, and two clerk / dispatchers.


The duties of the administrative assistants are many, and include a thorough knowledge of the records management software, checking reports for completeness, maintenance of arrest folders, maintaining court schedules, processing mail and requests, conducting records checks for outside agencies, conducting background checks, acting as police matron for female prisoners if a female officer is not working, office supply management, and general clerical work.

Hours & Dispatching

The clerk / dispatchers are on duty from 7 a.m. until midnight, Monday through Friday, and are often the first contact a resident may have with the Police Department. The clerk / dispatcher hours are established for the convenience of the public who may not, for example, be able to pick up a police report during normal business hours. The clerk / dispatchers handle minor radio requests called in by the patrol officers. They also answer incoming phone calls and walk-in complaints. Those requests are then rerouted to the appropriate officer. The clerk / dispatchers are also responsible for monitoring detained persons.