How to Keep Your Private Waste Water Collection in Good Flow

  • Do not pour grease down the drain or down your garbage disposal
  • Do put cooking oil and grease in a can or container to solidify and dispose of in the garbage
  • Do not use clean outs or manholes to drain flooded areas during heavy rains - this overloads the wastewater collection system and can cause overflows
  • Report broken clean-out caps at property lines or right-of-way - they are township maintained and will be replaced

Helpful Tips to Assist Waste Water Personnel

  • Keep easements clear. Fences, sheds, paved surfaces, plants, and other obstructions will be removed if necessary to complete a repair
  • Location of a repair or inspection may be in an easement, parkway, or alley. Make sure there is proper access to these locations
  • Secure your pet if crews are present

Policies & Procedures