One of the duties of the fire marshal is to perform fire safety inspections in commercial, industrial, institutional, and business properties, as well as multiple-occupancy locations such as apartment buildings. These places are inspected periodically to ensure compliance with the township's fire and safety codes and ordinances. During these inspections, owners and occupants are also encouraged to develop and implement emergency plans in the event that they are involved in any type of disaster or emergency.

Residential Resale Inspections

All residential properties in the township that are sold must be visually inspected to ensure compliance with township building and safety codes prior to changing ownership. The Code Enforcement Department performs this inspection as a tool to identify potential fire and safety hazards in residences and get them corrected.

Commercial Change of Owner / Change of Tenant Inspections

When a commercial property has a change of owner or a change of tenant, a Commercial Certificate of Occupancy is required. Once the application is completed, an inspection by the Code Enforcement Department is conducted to verify compliance with the township's fire code. For more information regarding this inspection, contact the Code Enforcement Department.