Compost Material & Joint Composting Site

Compost Site

A group of three (3) municipalities, West Norriton Township, East Norriton Township and Norristown Borough, initiated a joint leaf composting program in 1989 on the grounds of the Norristown Farm Park. The Norristown Farm Park is operated by Montgomery County and owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The two leaf composting sites (one for East Norriton Township and one for the other two municipalities) are leased from Montgomery County. The compost sites are operated by East Norriton Township under an agreement with the three municipalities and a lease arrangement with the County.

Composting Material

West Norriton Township is 5.5 square miles and has a population of 16,663 as of the 2010 census. As mandated by Act 101 West Norriton Township developed a comprehensive recycling program; a major component of this program is the collection of leaves which are delivered to the leaf composting facility. The West Norriton Township Public Works Department collects on average 4,500 cubic yards of leaves from the middle of October to the 2nd week of December each year and properly advertises this collection schedule each year on our website and in the newspaper. Leaves must be separated from the municipal waste stream per Township Ordinance. Leaves are collected utilizing leaf vacuums. Only Township vehicles are permitted to place leaves at the composting facility.

The leaves are composted using a compost turner and the final product is screened through a rotary tumbler. The majority of the final product is used on the farm fields throughout the Norristown Farm Park.

Product Pickup Location

In addition, the final mulch product is also available for pick up by the residents of West Norriton Township at the Bin located behind the Jefferson Fire Company 85 School Lane. Each resident is responsible to load the mulch themselves.