Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permit Program

The primary purpose of residential parking permits is to make every reasonable effort to accommodate residents living in areas of the Township that have a mix of business, office and residential uses which would ordinarily result in parking restrictions that would not occur in a predominately residential area. These restrictions include time limits and other regulations during the hours when businesses are normally open in the areas of the Township where many businesses and other non-residential uses are located.

Residential Parking Permit Area

Unless otherwise prohibited in specified locations or at specified times under Chapter 15, Part 4, of the Township Code, the following streets are designated as residential permit parking areas:

Street Side Time Limit
West Main Street Both 3 Hours
N. Montgomery Ave. to Forrest Ave.
Forrest Avenue West 3 Hours W. Main St. to W. Marshall St.
Centre Avenue Both 3 Hours W. Main St. to W. Marshall St.
North Montgomery Avenue Both 3 Hours W. Main St. to W. Marshall St.
South Montgomery Avenue Both 3 Hours Entire Length

Application for Permit

Application for a residential parking permit shall be made by the person desiring the permit to the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee. Applications shall only be considered from an owner or driver of a motor vehicle who is defined as a proprietor or a resident and is able to demonstrate no use or availability of any off-street parking space(s) for the motor vehicle sought to be permitted. A separate application shall be required for each motor vehicle. Each application shall contain the following information: 1) the name of the owner or the driver, as applicable, of the motor vehicle; 2) the name of the business office or non-profit, as applicable; 3) the address of the resident or the proprietor, as applicable; 4) the make, model, color and registration number of the motor vehicle; and 5) the driver number as taken from the Applicant’s current driver’s license.

At the discretion of the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee, the Applicant shall be required at the time of making Application to present his or her driver’s license and vehicle registration card. The West Norriton Police Department, in conjunction with the Township Manager, or their authorized agent or expressly authorized designee, are hereby empowered to establish further rules and regulations to effectuate the administration of this residential permit parking program established under this Section.

Application for Residential Parking Permit (PDF)