TLC Sewer & Drain

The applicant is seeking to construct a 16,000 sq. ft. craftsman's shop on 3.2 acres on W. Main Street

Review Letters


Schedule of Meetings

Subdivision and Land Development in West Norriton is regulated through the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and West Norriton’s Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). These two documents dictate how the process of subdividing or developing property within township is handled. A qualifying property owner can submit an application along with engineered plans to the Township for official review. The Planning Commission is the first body to review the submitted plans. They formally accept plans at their meetings and then the township consultants conduct a technical review of the submission. The consultants will issue a formal review letter that will be discussed during future meetings. The plan sets will continue to be revised until such time they are found acceptable. The Planning Commission is a recommending body and can recommend approval/denial of a plan to the Board of Commissioners(BOC). The BOC then conduct their own review of the plans based on the recommendation of the PC and the formal reviews by the township consultants. When found acceptable, the BOC will authorize approval/denial of the plans.

Planning Commission: October 15, 2018
Board of Commissioners: TBD