Lighting Repairs

Traffic Signals & School Flashers

West Norriton Township owns and maintains 16 traffic signal intersections and four school zone flashers. West Norriton Township cannot change the timings of the traffic signals, signs at the signal, or the pavement markings without the approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). A traffic engineering study also has to be completed.

All of these traffic control devices are governed and permitted by PennDOT and we must follow their approved traffic signal plans. West Norriton is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of these traffic control devices and must follow the instructions of federal and state publications.

You can visit PennDOT's Montgomery County Traffic Signals page or contact them at 610-205-6576.

Street Lights

To report defective street lights, residents may call the Township Office at 610-631-0450. When reporting defective street lights, please provide the pole number found on the front of the pole and the closest street address of the pole. West Norriton Township is in the process of upgrading all of our street lights to LED's. West Norriton Township at present spends $200,000 per year for street lighting. Please report defective lights to the township. We pay for electrical service regardless.