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Creation of Boards & Commissions

West Norriton Township is a first class township governed by the Board of Commissioners. West Norriton is consistently working to improve the way the public relates to the Board of Commissioners and how the commissioners reach out to and encourage citizen involvement. The code and state legislation allow the board to enlist the capabilities of citizens of the municipality through the creation of authorities, boards, and commissions. Although some of these entities are mandatory, such as a zoning hearing board, if your township has enacted a zoning ordinance many others are permissive. The concept of authorities, boards, and commissions not only allows the governing body to draw on citizens with particular expertise, but also provides a channel for citizens to become more directly involved in their government.

West Norriton Township’s boards, commissions, committees, and task forces provide an invaluable service to the township. These advisory boards originate from different sources. Some of these are established by ordinance, while others are established by a resolution or motion of the commissioners. It is at the discretion of the Board of Commissioners as to whether or not an advisory board should be established, other than those required by state law.


Please read our policies and procedures (PDF) to gain a deeper understanding of the laws and codes associated with our boards, commissions, and task forces.

Application for an Open Position

If you wish to apply for an open township advisory board position, please fill out our application (PDF) or via our online application