Civil Service Commission


  • Meetings held as needed
  • Township Building
    1630 W. Marshall St.
    Jeffersonville, PA 19403

The Civil Service Commission does not meet on any set date; rather, it meets as necessary to establish a new "Certified List of Eligible Candidates," to conduct examinations for promotions, or to hear appeals.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  • Joseph Hein, Chairman
    Term Expires: January, 2025
  • Thomas Drakeford
    Term Expires: January, 2027
  • Kathy Hart, Secretary
    Term Expires: January, 2024
  • David Tedjeske, Alternate
    Term Expires: January, 2024
  • Michael Guziewicz, Alternate
    Term Expires: January, 2026

Duties of the Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is an oversight board created by the Board of Commissioners for the purpose of overseeing the hiring and promotion process within the Township Police Department as required by the Pennsylvania First Class Township Code.

Testing & Rating Candidates for Open Police Department Positions

All sworn law enforcement positions within the Police Department are civil service positions. The Civil Service Commission is charged with establishing testing and selection criteria for all applicants for entry level and promotion positions within the Police Department. When there is an opening within the Police Department, the Civil Service Commission schedules a competitive examination (usually consisting of written, oral, and physical fitness components) for all candidates.

Also, the Civil Service Commission oversees the conducting of extensive background checks on potential candidates for police positions. Once all of the testing is complete, the Civil Service Commission ranks all candidates and forwards the list of the various candidates for hiring consideration to the township manager, police chief, and/or the Board of Commissioners.

2014 Testing and Eligibility List

View the testing results and eligibility list.