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West Main Street Vision Plan

The West Main Street Vision Plan is intended to outline a cohesive vision and provide design guidelines to manage future development and transformation along the West Main Street Corridor in West Norriton Township. This plan explores the full length of West Main Street in the township, spanning from the western boundary at Trooper Road to the eastern boundary at Forrest Avenue. This roadway section of just under two miles is centrally located in the township and is the major east-west road network that belongs to the larger Ridge Pike arterial route through southern Montgomery County connecting Philadelphia to Pottstown.

Development along the corridor has occurred in a piecemeal fashion, resulting in parcels with irregular building setbacks, varying façade treatments, undefined curb cuts, and limited pedestrian amenities. Beginning in 2016, the West Norriton Planning Commission, in partnership with the Montgomery County Planning Commission, began examining the corridor to make recommendations for enhancing its commercial and mixed-use development opportunities, and to create a more pedestrian-friendly road network. Public outreach was conducted through a series of public workshops, online surveys, and meetings with the local business community. This document represents the results of this outreach, and reflects the desires of the community for both short-term improvements to existing properties and long-range goals for future redevelopment opportunities. Implementation steps are provided to help make this plan a reality, which include recommendations for amendments to the zoning code and subdivision and land development ordinance, and the identification of grants to fund the transformation of properties and businesses along West Main Street.


• Create design guidelines to establish uniform setbacks, curbing, sidewalks, and other street treatments to be implemented in the event of redevelopment.
• Establish near-term improvement opportunities for existing properties to increase pedestrian infrastructure and improve vehicular circulation patterns.
• Identify updates to be made to the West Norriton zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances.
• Identify targeted outcomes to be achieved through Capital planning and grant funding.

West Main Street Vision Plan (PDF)