Township Plans and Documents

Comprehensive Plan Update 2010

Planning for the Future

Elements of a desirable Comprehensive Plan are outlined in the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Article III. Many elements of the Comprehensive Plan are identified in the Open Space Preservation Plan, 2006 Update for West Norriton Township. The purpose of this Comprehensive Plan is to highlight the historical trends that have occurred within West Norriton Township, identify and evaluate the conditions that currently exist, and suggest land use and other actions which will establish strategies to enhance West Norriton's future.

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Open Space Preservation Plan, 2006 Update

This Open Space Preservation Plan was prepared as an update to the Open Space Preservation Plan adopted by West Norriton Township in 1995. This reports follows the program established in December 2003 by the Green Fields/Green Towns Open Space Task Force. The task force established a County goal of requiring municipalities to update their original municipal Open Space and Environmental Resources Protection Plan pursuant to the requirements of the Montgomery County Open Space Program, which establishes plan elements and guidelines to help the municipality and its Open Space Committee.

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